Board of Directors Election 2023

The following are key documents and FAQs related to our upcoming Board of Directors Election.

Instructions to complete mail-in ballot


Key Facts

Coast Central’s Board of Directors has elections every year, as each year, Board members and Supervisory Committee members come up for reelection. Information regarding how to submit applications is communicated in the summer and fall Coastline Quarterly newsletters each year which goes to all members with statements, either via paper or email, depending on the member’s selection.

• This marks the first time in 9 years for the need for ballots to be mailed to the membership, as there are 7 individuals running for 3 positions. Prior to this year, there were always 3 incumbents who chose to run again and they ran unopposed:
Kassidy Banducci Candidate by Self-initiated Application
Dane Valadao Candidate by Self-initiated Application
Kelly Walsh Candidate by Incumbency
James Kloor Candidate by Self-initiated Petition
John Gladding Candidate by Incumbency
Rees Hughes Candidate by Self-Initiated Petition
Maricela Aceves Wexler Candidate by Self-initiated Petition

Ballots were mailed to the membership from our Atlanta vendor on 12/29 and 12/30 and are due to an independent firm     before 1/31.

• To apply to be on the Board, individuals need to meet the qualifications and complete an application, which includes the Board of Directors Job Description. It describes the role as being primarily responsible for the general direction of the credit union, developing objectives and goals.
• The Annual Membership Meeting is held each February at Harrison Member Services Branch and is publicized in the winter Coastline Quarterly.
• Community Giving: Coast Central leads its service areas in the amount of giving and volunteerism by our employees. In 2022, we budgeted $436,000; in 2023, we plan to give $650,000 in terms of grants, sponsorships, and college scholarships. Volunteer hours were expected to be 2,200 total in 2022; instead there were 3,400.
• Member Feedback: in 2022, according to a survey done in fall, overall member satisfaction posted a 94.4%, a 1.3% increase over 2021, the second highest in 6 years, and several points above other credit union high performers. There are many other ways members can share their feedback:
o Additional member survey done each May/June
o Comment cards
o Surveys following transactions
o Web site
o Online & Mobile Banking secure message
o Member comments via locations and phone support team (tracked/shared by Quality Service Manager)
o Member written correspondence (tracked/shared by Quality Service Manager)
• COVID-related assistance and recognition:

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