Board of Directors & Supervisory Committee Election

Election Results

Results were also provided at the Annual Member Meeting on February 22, 2024 at our Harrison Avenue location. A total of 2,244 valid ballots were received by the deadline.

Volunteer Board of Directors
Matt Wakefield:                1,641 votes (73.1%), elected to a 3-year term
Terry Anne Meierding:    1,600 votes (71.3%), elected to a 3-year term
Ron Rudebock:                  1,520 votes (67.7%), elected to a 3-year term
Dane Valadao:                   1,346 votes (60.0%), elected to a 1-year term for the remainder of a 2023 retiree’s term
Carrie Peyton Dahlberg:  1,174 votes (52.3%), not elected

Volunteer Supervisory Committee
Paula Mushrush:             1,881 votes (83.8%), elected to a 3-year term


Dear Member,

As a member of Coast Central Credit Union, you are an owner.  As such, you are entitled to vote for those who will represent you on the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee.  Your Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee consists of 12 volunteers who each serve a three-year term.  The Board sets the credit union’s policies, guides its strategic planning, and works closely with credit union Management to help ensure that Coast Central Credit Union continues to be one of the top credit unions in the country.  The Supervisory Committee ensures that the Board of Directors and Management meet required financial reporting objectives and safeguard members’ assets.  This year, there are five positions open for election.

We thank you for your membership and encourage you to use your right to vote.


Brendan McKenny
Chair, Board Nominating Committee
Board Member since 2009

Key Info

Coast Central’s Board of Directors has elections every year, as each year, Board members and Supervisory Committee members come up for reelection. Information regarding how to submit applications to run for a position is communicated in the summer and fall Coastline Quarterly newsletters each year which goes to all members with statements, either via paper or email, depending on the member’s selection.

This marks only the 2nd time in 10 years for the need for ballots to be mailed to the membership, as there are five individuals running for four Board positions and one individual running for one Supervisory Committee position. Prior to last year, there were always an equal number of incumbents running for positions open.

2024 ballots were mailed to members of record as of 12/8/23 in early January from an independent Wisconsin vendor.  For joint memberships, ballots were sent to the attention of the primary member. Fully completed ballots must be received using the provided envelope no later than Wednesday, January 31, 2024.  Ballots received after this date will be void.

2024 Board of Directors Candidates – vote for 4

Terry Anne Meierding – Incumbent endorsed by Board Nominating Committee
Matthew Wakefield, CPA – Incumbent endorsed by Board Nominating Committee
Ron Rudebock – Incumbent endorsed by Board Nominating Committee
Carrie Peyton-Dahlberg – Candidate
Dane Valadao – Incumbent endorsed by Board Nominating Committee

Supervisory Committee Candidate – vote for 1

Paula Mushrush – Incumbent endorsed by Nominating Committee

How to Vote

Only the official ballot provided via mail to members of record as of 12/8/23 will be accepted.

  1. Read the Voting Instructions carefully.
  2. Review the two-sided Candidate Statement page.
  3. Using the tear-off Election Ballot and in dark blue or black ink, place an X in the box to the left of up to four candidates for the Board and one candidate for the Supervisory Committee.
  4. Enter your Member Name, last 3 digits of your Member Number, and provide your signature.
  5. If you vote for more candidates than the requested amount or do not provide your member information and signature at the bottom, the ballot will be void.
  6. Detach at the perforation and mail in the provided self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.
  7. Please allow plenty of time for your ballot to be received to the Wisconsin address no later than Wednesday, January 31, 2024.  Vote and mail early.


If you need a replacement ballot or have questions regarding the ballot, please email  In order to preserve the integrity of the election, Coast Central locations and employees do not have extra ballots, nor can we accept and mail your completed ballot to our independent vendor.

Annual Membership Meeting

Thursday, February 22, 6 pm
Harrison Member Services Branch, 2650 Harrison Avenue, Eureka

Election results and a review of CCCU’s financial position

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