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Business Loans Loan Application

This application can be the first step toward starting your own business, or improving one you've already established. Coast Central offers loans for business construction, purchase of assets/inventory, and more.

For Business Visa cards, please use our printable Visa application and return it to our Harrison Avenue location (physical signatures are needed from all applicants).

For all other loans, just fill out the following information and you're on your way! Our Member Business Services team will process your application and get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Although you do not need to be a current member to apply, please note that you must be eligible for membership and will need to establish a personal membership account with us as well if your loan application is approved. Please contact us at (707) 445-8801, ext. 317 for further information.

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Business Information

Legal Name of Business Applicant: *
DBA or Trade Name (if different):
Nature of Business: *
Company Type: *
General Partnership
Limited Partnership
C Corporation
S Corporation
Loan Amount Requested: *

Please Note:  The minimum business loan amount is $25,000.

Business Address: *
Business City, State, Zip: *
Mailing Address (if different):
Mailing City, State, Zip:
Business Phone: *
Business Fax:
Email Address:
Website Address:
Are you applying for credit from any other source: *
If yes, from where?
Year Business Established: *
Tax ID/Social Security #: *
Current Owner Since: *
# of Locations: *
# of Employees: *


Financial Details
Primary Source of Repayment: *
Secondary Source of Repayment:
Loan Purpose
Purchase Fixed Assets
Purchase Real Estate
Leasehold Improvements
Real Estate Construction
Debt Restructuring
Requested Amount
Collateral Value

(Please provide a Personal Financial Statement for each name listed below.)

Ownership %

Financial Relationships:  (Please list only your business accounts.)
Financial Institution
Account #
Account Type

Business/Trade References:  (Please list your major suppliers or references.)
Contact Person
Phone Number

Is the business a party to any claim or lawsuit?
Are there any delinquent FICA or Sales Taxes?
Are Accounts Receivable or Inventory currently pledged as collateral?
Has the business ever declared bankruptcy?
          If yes, chapter and date of filing:
Does the business owe any taxes for years prior to the current year?
          If yes, amount:
Is the business an endorser, guarantor, or co-maker for obligations not listed on its
financial statements?
          If yes, please indicate total contingent liability:


Comments/Additional Information

Applicant Name: *
Title: *

The Applicant certifies that all statements in this Application and on each document required to be submitted in connection herewith, including federal income tax returns, are true, correct, and complete. The Applicant authorizes Coast Central Credit Union to make such inquiries and gather such information as the Credit Union deems necessary and reasonable concerning any information provided to the Credit Union on this Application or on any such required document, including inquiries to the Internal Revenue Service. The Applicant, further, agrees to notify the Credit Union promptly of any material change in any such information.

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