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Loan Rates As Low As...
Auto Loans: 3.25% APR
Fixed mortgage: 3.140% APR
Adjustable mortgage:   2.824% APR

Dividend Rates As High As...
$500 certificate: 2.02% APY
$10,000 certificate: 2.07% APY
$75,000 certificate:         2.07% APY


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Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of Coast Central Credit Union! We have New Accounts Representatives at each of our member services branches who make opening an account at Coast Central an easy, pleasant experience.

Please note: If you would also like to apply for a loan, you can save a step by using our Loan Application to apply for both membership and a loan at the same time!

To get started, you may fill out the following form to begin setup of your account electronically. We will still need to meet with you briefly to gather signatures and verify your identity, but applying online allows us to save you time and call you when everything is ready to go.

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Eligibility Information
Please review the following qualifications to ensure you are eligible for membership.  Please check at least one of the following:

I live or work in Humboldt, Del Norte, or Trinity County.
I have an immediate family member who is already a Coast Central member.
I have a referral from another credit union.
I meet another eligibility option that I have discussed with Coast Central.

Please note that there are other ways you can qualify for membership as well.  If you don't meet any of the above requirements, please contact us to discuss how else we might be able to qualify you.

Primary Applicant Information
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Joint/Co-Applicant Information

Co-Applicant Identification Info

Desired Accounts & Services
Please choose the accounts and services you're interested in adding to your account (check all that apply):

Basic Checking
Interest Checking
Visa Debit Card
Online Banking
E-Statements & E-Alerts
Mobile and/or Text Banking
Safe Deposit Box
Liquid Assets Account
Savings Certificate(s)
Other Investments/Financial Planning


Preferred Member Services Branch
Please choose from the following:


A New Accounts Representative at this location will prepare the necessary documents and have them ready for you to sign.


Contact Preference
How would you prefer we contact you when your account is ready to open?

Final approval and opening of your account will take place once signatures have been obtained from all signers on the account. A $50.00 deposit to your Membership Savings account will be required at the time of opening.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to bring the following items with you when you come in to finalize your application:

  • Valid identification for each applicant
  • 2 forms of ID for each applicant
  • Cash or check in the amount of at least $50.00

Please read our short Patriot Act Disclosure regarding identification procedures, and note our important disclosures.

Finally, re-type the words in the image below and click Submit. "Captchas" verify that you are a real human being, as opposed to a computer, filling out this form. By entering this information, you're helping us to prevent spam applications and to keep our website running at its best. (To learn more about captchas, click here.)

By completing the captcha and clicking "Submit" below, you are requesting membership with Coast Central Credit Union, hereby authorizing us to gather whatever information we consider appropriate. You understand that this will assist, for example, in determining your initial and ongoing eligibility for an account. Any account opened in more than one name shall be a joint account with rights of survivorship.


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