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Welcome to Coast Central Credit Union 2019 and Beyond!

Our recent computer system upgrade was two years in the making, entailing a ton of preparation and coordination by our employees and dozens of vendors, including spending most of the three-day Upgrade Weekend working through the process. We are happy to announce that the upgrade is complete and was a success! We appreciate your tremendous patience and support over the last several months, as well as now, as we acclimate to the new and improved system. We look forward to serving you even better and faster soon.

Although the upgrade is complete, you may have new questions. Feel free to click on any of the topics below to get answers. If you can’t find them here, please contact us at (707) 445-8801 or stop by any Member Services Branch.

Why Upgrade?
Online and Mobile Banking
Account and Loan Types
Mortgage Members

Why Upgrade?

Like the software on your computer or cell phone, our computer system had periodically needed updates. After years of updates, the time had come to take advantage of significant improvements in technology and perform a complete upgrade. The new system allows us to keep pace with your financial needs now and in the future.

Benefits of the new system include:

  • We can see all of your Coast Central accounts on one screen rather than having to look up individual accounts separately, saving transaction time in our locations and on the phone
  • Electronic pads for your signature, which saves time and paper
  • We can email your transaction receipts to you, also saving time and paper
  • Check orders are auto-filled from your account information
  • Real-time updates with your Debit Card and Online & Mobile Banking

Online & Mobile Banking

Read these Frequent Asked Questions to learn more about the improvements.


Your 10/31 statement includes additional information. View our October Statement insert to learn more.

Account & Loan Types

Although your member number did not change, account type suffixes have a new format. For example:

  • Membership Savings account 12345 S1 changed to 12345 0100
  • A personal loan 678910 L10 changed to 678910 1000
For a full list, please see our Account Type Information sheet.

Mortgage Members

Your mortgage information will now be included with your month-end comprehensive statement that includes your other CCCU deposit and loan account information. Also, you’ll be able to set these up as secure e-statements through Online Banking, saving time and paper.