Online & Mobile Banking FAQ

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General Questions

What is Online & Mobile Banking?

With the wide variety of financial services available to you online, there’s almost no need to leave your house to manage your money. Receive your paycheck electronically via direct deposit, then manage your funds and pay bills online without ever having to visit a Member Services Branch. Take advantage of some or all of the following free services to make your life easier!

Access your accounts anytime, anywhere for free! Check your balance, make transfers while waiting in line at the grocery store, or pay your bills while you watch TV at home. Coast Central Online & Mobile Banking is all about simplifying your financial life.

Get enrolled! Sign in using the LOGIN box in the upper right corner or lower right corner of this page.  Use these easy-to-follow First Time Login & Estatements Enrollment Guides.



How can I pay bills electronically?

With Online & Mobile Banking, you can set up payees and pay bills directly from your CCCU account. Once logged in, click on “Bill Payment.”

Depending upon the person or company you’re paying, you may also be able to set up bill pay via ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers or credit/debit card payments online. Companies like PG&E, AT&T, City Garbage, various mobile phone service providers, and many more will accept this kind of payment. You may visit their website and sign up to pay your bills online.

To set up electronic payments from your account, you will need your routing number and account number. You can use the same guidelines as above, regarding direct deposits, to obtain the appropriate numbers.

You may receive a letter (or E-Letter, if you’re subscribed to our e-statements services) notifying you that an automatic transfer will soon begin from your account. This is simply a required notification confirming that your transfer relationship has been set up properly.


What are E-Services (E-Statements, Letters, & Alerts)?

E-Services are a quicker, more secure way to receive statements, letters, and even automatic account alerts from Coast Central. Instead of waiting for a paper statement to arrive in the mail, you’ll receive an email and/or text message notification that your latest statement is available. You’ll also be notified if you have new letters or other correspondence available to view. You can view or print your documents whenever you need to. Best of all, it’s free! E-Services also give you access to a variety of different account alerts (E-Alerts), which are customizable email and/or text notifications about activity on your accounts. You can choose to receive alerts when your checking balance goes below a certain threshold, when a loan payment is coming due, or for a number of other useful circumstances. You can even set up personal alerts to be delivered whenever you like, such as birthday notifications or appointment reminders.

Easily sign up for free Estatements instantly!  On the Main Menu within Online or Mobile Banking, click the Estatements & Alerts tab and follow the steps. You’ll use this same screen to manage your settings, set up new alerts, and view recent activity.


How do I access Mobile Banking?

You can access (including all functions within Online Banking) via most smartphones and mobile devices. As long as you have the ability to easily navigate the Internet (scroll and zoom in/out), you should have no problem logging in and doing transactions just like you would at home or work. You can also use our free mobile app, available for Android and iOS. Simply download the app to your phone or tablet and log in as you normally would.


I am having trouble logging into the Coast Central Mobile app on my Android device

If you are experiencing login issues with our mobile app on your Android device, please try these steps:

  1. Go to Device Settings
  2. Find Apps
  3. Find Coast Central Mobile
  4. Tap on Storage
  5. Tap on Clear Cache
  6. Tap on Clear Data
  7. Force close app and retry logging in

If login issues persist, please contact our Member Support Center at (707) 445-8801 and provide your device type, model and last attempted login time. This will assist us in helping you to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.


What is Card Control?

The Coast Central Card Control App gives you control and extra security every time you use your Visa Credit and Debit cards either locally or while traveling! Enrollment is quick and easy, just download from your app store.


What are all the options within Online and Mobile Banking?

Use this guide to learn about:

  • CheckFlash
  • Text and Email Alerts
  • Bill Payment
  • Transfer Funds
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Add Accounts/Apply for Loans
  • and more!

Click here for details on each option.


What is Quick Balance?

Quick Balance is a newer feature on our Mobile Banking app that allows you to get account balances in seconds.


What is MoneyMaster?

Our personal financial tool allows you to manage all your finances at all institutions in one place. Set spending budgets, financial goals, and retirement planning. Try our MoneyMaster demo. Access your Online or Mobile Banking and select “MoneyMaster” to get started.


How do I enroll in Online Banking?

Existing or New CCCU Members:

  1. Visit; click Login, Enroll, and then Personal
  2. Complete the fields and input a Login ID
  3. Choose the contact method you would like to receive a Secure Access Code
  4. When prompted, enter the Code
  5. Accept the Terms of Agreement
  6. Verify your contact information (if needed, you can update once logged in)
  7. Choose a password, decide if you would like to register your browser(or device), and click Submit
  8. For Mobile Banking, next visit the app store on your smart phone and search “Coast Central Credit Union” to download our mobile app, then use the login credentials you established.

Existing or New CCCU Business Members:

  1. Visit; click Login, Enroll, and then Business
  2. Complete the fields and click Submit
  3. Within 24 hours you should receive an email stating your enrollment is complete
  4. Visit, click Login, and enter your Login ID, which is your Member Number
  5. On the password screen, choose “I am a new user”
  6. Enter your Login ID again
  7. Choose a contact method to receive a Secure Access Code, and enter the code when received
  8. Accept the Terms of Agreement, verify contact information,and select a new password
  9. For Mobile Banking, next visit the app store on your smart phone and search “Coast Central Credit Union” to download our mobile app, then use the login credentials you established.


What is computer/browser/device registration?

Registering your browser/device(in the last step) allows you to skip the Secure Access Code verification as long as you’re using the same computer/browser or device each time. This is not recommended if you’re using a public or shared computer.


What is the purpose of a Secure Access Code?

Secure Access Codes utilize contact information on your account to verify your identity.If you’re comfortable,you may choose to skip this step by registering your browser. Keeping it enabled, however, adds an extra layer of account security.


How do I setup different contact methods for my Secure Access Code?

Once logged in, you can view or update these options under Security Preferences in the Settings menu. By default, the system will pull in the contact information you have on file, but you can customize delivery methods to your liking.


Why isn’t my Secure Access Code working?

If you received your code via text message, be sure that you’re entering the 6-digit code within the message and not the number the message is from. If you’re experiencing other problems,double-check the code and try again, or try sending yourself another code. Note: For security reasons,Secure Access Codes are only valid for a limited period of time. If it has been longer than 15 minutes since the original receipt, request a new code.


What is Secure Email and how do I use it?

Occasionally, we will need to send you an email (or you will need to send one to us) that contains secure information, such as your social security number or your account details.

Why do we have a secure email system?

Your privacy and the security of your accounts is very important to us. If we need to send you information that may be sensitive (such as transaction information, or account numbers), it’s important that nobody but you can see it. Unfortunately, email may not always be secure–it has to pass through several other systems (such as your email provider’s computers) to get to you. We use technologies such as encryption to help protect messages, ensuring that nobody but you can read the email. However, any computers that had to pass that email on to get to you may still have copies of that message. The most effective way for us to protect you is to use this secure email service, which allows us to ensure that your information goes directly from us to you.

To read an email we’ve sent to you:

When we send you a secure email, you will get a message that says “You have received an encrypted message from Coast Central Credit Union.” that looks like this:

screen grab of secure email form

To access the message, open the attachment, and click the button labeled “Read Your Secure Message”.


If you haven’t received a secure message from us before, you will need to enter your name and create a password. If you have already enrolled, you will just need to enter your password:


Your email message will appear. From here, you will be able to use our system like any other email client, allowing you to print your message, download attachments or reply to your message.


Of course, if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us or come into a location.

To send a secure email to us:

To securely communicate with us, there are two convenient options:

    • You can log in to Online Banking and:
      1. At the top right, select “Messages”
      2. Then choose “Member Services”, “Member Loan Services”, or “Member Business Services”, as appropriate.
      3. If you wish to attach a document, click the paper clip and select the desired file to send.


  • If you don’t have Online Banking or need to send us a very large file, contact our Member Support Center at (707) 445-8801 and ask for us to send a Secure Email to you. Then you can simply open the email, reply, and attach any documents you’d like.

Both of these options provide a secure method of communicating with us on any topic, and you can safely include attachments.


CheckFlash Mobile Deposit

What is CheckFlash?

Within Mobile Banking, CheckFlash allows you to make deposits anytime, from anywhere by simply taking a picture of the front and back of the check.


How Does CheckFlash Work?

After downloading the Coast Central Mobile App, click on the Menu, then CheckFlash Deposit. On the back of the check, you are required to write ‘Mobile Deposit Only’ and provide your signature. Then follow the steps to enter which account, the amount, and then take a picture of the front and back of your check. Note that up to $225 is immediately available. Any remaining amount of the check deposit should be available within 24 hours. Checks deposited Friday-Sunday may experience longer holds on funds.


What Do I Do With My Check After I Make a Deposit?

After you’re done with your deposit, we recommend keeping your check for at least 7 days in case there are any questions. It may be helpful to write yourself a note on the check (such as “deposited with CheckFlash”). After that time, you may destroy the check however you like.


How Soon Can I Use Funds I Deposit?

In most cases, your deposits follow our standard availability policy (similar to deposits at an ATM). There may be some rare cases where there are additional delays (such as during system maintenance). Note that checks may be subject to our hold policy, which may cause delays in availability. For clarification on our check hold and availability policies, please contact us.


How Much Can I Deposit?

You can use CheckFlash as much as you’d like. The standard limit is $10,000 in deposits per business day (deposits made after midnight or on weekends/holidays count toward the next business day).


How do I Get CheckFlash?

CheckFlash is part of the Coast Central Mobile app. Just click on the menu, and you’ll see a tab to click called, “CheckFlash Deposit”. If you don’t see the tab, see “Why am I Getting an Error?” below.

If you’re not already using our mobile app, download it from your Android or iOS device (see Technical Requirements below).



Am I Able to Use CheckFlash?

While there are a few prerequisites to being able to deposit checks, they aren’t very complicated. You do need to:

  • Have a checking account
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have an email address on file with us
  • Have a current postal address on file with us
  • Have your accounts in good standing with us

CheckFlash won’t work in certain situations, such as if you have delinquent loans or a frozen account. If you feel you should be able to deposit checks but aren’t able to, double-check that your device meets the minimum requirements to run CheckFlash. If you have any other questions, please contact us.


What are the Technical Requirements for the CheckFlash App?

The requirements for CheckFlash are the same as the requirements for the Coast Central Mobile app:
iOS: 10.x and later
Android: 5.x and later

Note: Members who use unsupported OS versions can still access Online Banking via a mobile browser, but it could not support CheckFlash and fingerprint or facial login. The following operating systems are not compatible:

  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry
  • Kindle Fire

A note on “rooted” or “jailbroken” devices:
“Rooting” and “jailbreaking” refer to removing the manufacturer’s protections from your device, and often also involve running custom software. We do not support running CheckFlash on rooted or jailbroken devices. While we cannot and will not prevent you from using our app on a modified device, we cannot support devices that have been rooted or jailbroken. We strongly discourage doing mobile banking on devices that have had the manufacturer’s protections removed.


Tips for Best Results with CheckFlash
  • Properly fill out the check and write clearly.
    A properly filled-out check, with clearly written text, is easier to photograph. The app electronically reads handwriting, and the more it can read, the better the chance it will be accepted.
  • Enter the correct amount of the deposit in the CheckFlash app.
    A check may be rejected or delayed if you put a different amount in the app than is written on the check.
  • Avoid stray marks on the check.
    Similar to writing clearly, stray marks may make it harder for the app to read your handwriting.
  • Take the clearest picture you can.
    Blurry pictures and pictures with poor lighting make it harder to process. While our app is good at reading writing, it does need a good sample to read! (A tip: after you’ve taken the picture of your check, you can zoom in by tapping the small image of the check. If it’s hard for you to read, you may want to try taking it again.)
  • Line up your check in the camera window.
    If your camera provides alignment marks, use them. Try to get the check image to fill the screen and make sure the entire check is visible. Also, try to get the picture “straight on” to the check, not off at an angle.
  • Try to get the strongest signal you can.
    In order to submit your check image, you need a good connection to the internet. Try to get the strongest signal you can. If it’s taking a while to send in your check (or the loading “spinner” isn’t going away), look for a place with a stronger connection or connect to wi-fi.



Why am I Getting an Error?

There are several reasons you may see an error while you’re using CheckFlash. Many issues can be corrected by following our tips, but you may have a specific issue you are encountering.

  • The deposit icon is spinning constantly
    You most likely have an issue with your signal strength. Try moving to a location with a stronger signal. You may need to completely exit the app and start over if you are “stuck” in the loading screen.
  • I don’t see the deposit icon
    There could be several reasons for this. First, make sure that your device meets the technical requirements to run CheckFlash. You may also want to make sure that your account is compatible with CheckFlash. If you meet those requirements but still aren’t able to make a deposit, make sure that you are running the latest version of our app. You may also wish to remove and re-download the app.
  • You get the error “You have exceeded your daily deposit limit”
    Each member is limited to $5,000 in total deposits each business day. If you go over this limit in part or in whole, your deposit may be held for review or rejected. Please note that deposits made until 11:59pm are counted toward the current business day. Also, deposits made on weekends and holidays count toward the next business day’s limit.
  • You get the error “Check appears to have been deposited earlier”
    The CheckFlash service is able to determine duplicate submissions using the routing information and check number. If this check has already been deposited (either using CheckFlash or another check deposit service), you will not be able to deposit it again. If you are confident that you have not already deposited the check, you can deposit it at any ATM, by coming in to any office, or by mailing it to us.
  • You get the error “Front or back image cannot be processed”
    The check image wasn’t able to be read by our app. Either your device’s camera isn’t high enough quality (at least 1.9MP with autofocus), or the check image was blurry or otherwise unreadable. Click “back” to try depositing it again.



I Have Another Question that Isn’t Covered Here

If you are still having trouble, you can contact us, or you can come in to any Member Services Branch. We will be happy to help you!


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