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In partnership with friends at Visa, our complete Financial Literacy guide has everything you need for personal financial education.

What is Practical Money Skills?

Looking to see if you can afford monthly car payments? Want to build an emergency fund? Need ways to prevent identity theft? It’s all here and much more!

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Take control of your finances and learn how to manage your money wisely with our tips and resources.

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Spark your curiosity and improve your financial literacy with Practical Money Skills’ award-winning program.

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Ready to get your game on? Test your money skills and give your brain a workout with these fun and educational games.

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We’re always keeping an eye out for you and your money, whether you’re online or on vacation.

Digital Course Offerings

You can take any number of digital courses at your convenience to help you achieve your financial goals. Here are a few course options:

Budgeting Basics

New to budgeting? It’s important to understand what a budget is and how it helps you examine your financial position. A budget is a financial plan that takes income and expenses into account and provides estimates for how much you make and spend over a given period of time?

Savings Basics

Throughout your life, you will be faced with many decisions about saving and spending. Your goals can vary from smaller purchases such as a new smartphone, to larger purchases such as a car or a house, to long-term savings for retirement and any unknowns.

Credit Basics

Credit cards provide security, convenience, and even rewards based on spending. However, if card holders don’t manage their cards carefully, they may find themselves facing unwanted consequences like a poor credit score or hidden fees.

Ready to get started improving your financial education?


Youth accounts can be opened with as a little as $5 at any CCCU location, and kids receive free gifts.  Youth accounts also earn quarterly interest.

Yes, CCCU has employees in each of our areas who make presentations about a variety of financial-related topics from our Practical Money Skills program that are grade-appropriate, from kindergarten into college.  They are interactive and include activities and fun gifts.  Click on for more information.

Our Practical Money Skills program offers a comprehensive array of lessons and fun activities targeted at teens; click here to explore the many options

Yes!  Our Digital Course Offerings on this page include a section on “Budgeting Basics.” It will help you evaluate your income and expenses, develop goals using worksheets, build emergency funds, and more.  It’s easy and fun!

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