For Kids

Kirby Kangaroo Club

Ask us about opening a Kirby Kangaroo Club membership – accounts can be opened with as little as $5, and as early as your child has a Social Security Card. As they grow, Coast Central (and Kirby) can help you teach them about financial responsibility.

Each Kirby membership kit comes with:

  • A savings passbook, to keep track of deposits and withdrawals
  • A quarter saver
  • Your own stuffed Kirby
  • And more!

Practical Money Skills

As you probably know, getting your kids excited about saving and money management can be a challenge. We want to help! Check out these fun, educational games that will interactively teach your child everything from simply counting money to saving for college and beyond.


Learning with Comics (all ages)

Teaching Support

Use award-winning curriculum that meets educational standards to teach kids of all ages lifelong money skills.


We’ve got fun and educational activities for them too!
For Teens

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