Request to Know, Delete, or Correct Personal Information

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) creates consumer rights relating to the access to, deletion of, and sharing of personal information that is collected by businesses. If you would like to exercise your Right to Know, Delete, and/or Correct Information, please click the button below. Coast Central is not responsible for data entry errors.

Submission Form for Request to Know, Delete or Correct Personal Information

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Consumer's Authorized Agent Name
If you are not the Consumer making request but rather an authorized agent of the Consumer, please state your full name. (References to “you” or “your” mean Consumer, not the Consumer’s authorized agent.)
Are you a resident of California?(Required)
If you mark "no", you do not have any rights under the CCPA and we will therefore not respond to this submission.
Are you a member of Coast Central Credit Union?(Required)
Do you have Online or Mobile Banking with us?(Required)
If you marked "yes" above, have you shared your username and password with anyone else?
Are you our past or current employee of Coast Central?(Required)
Consumer's Authorized Agent (if applicable)
Consumer's Authorized Agent (if applicable)
Home Address *(Required)
Home Address *
Consumer's Authorized Agent (if applicable)

* You authorize us to contact the Consumer and/or the Consumer's Authorized Agent (if applicable) for identity verification purposes in accordance with our legal obligations

Type of Request

1) Request to Know (please check all that apply to your request)

If you are a current or former employee making a personnel and wage records request, you also need to complete a Personnel Records Request and/or Payroll Records Request form. You can get a copy of these forms by contacting We will respond to your personnel and/or wage records pursuant to California Labor Code requirements which has different processing times and disclosure requirements than the CCPA.
2) Request to Delete Personal Information
3) Request to Correct Personal Information

Please email any documents that you would like us to consider in support of your request for us to correct the contested personal information to List in the subject line: “CCPA Request to Correct for (your name).” We may require additional documentation from you regarding the contested personal information. We may deny your request if we determine that the contested personal information is more likely than not accurate based on the totality of circumstances.
If for any reason we are unable to correct, would you like us to consider deleting the information instead?
If for any reason we are unable to correct, would you like us to consider deleting the information instead?

Note About Identity Verification:

We will need to verify your identity. Within 10 business days of your submission of this form, we will notify you of what we will need to verify your identity.

If you are an authorized agent for the above referenced consumer, we will request a copy of your government issued identification card, and written authorization from the consumer to submit the request. Additional details will be provided to you regarding what we need to verify you and your request within 10 business days of your submission of this form

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